Himalayan Sattva Yoga

My approach

Himalayan Sattva Yoga is a holistic, integrated, and transformative practice that originated in the Himalayas, the spiritual home of yoga. Founded by the yogi master Anand Mehrotra, the Himalayan Sattva Yoga practice is a dynamic blend of ancient tantra and vedic techniques that are extremely relevant today – hatha yoga, meditation, breathing (prānāyāma), energy work (kriyā), Himalayan kundalini practices, mantra and free movement.

Himalayan Sattva Yoga is not just exercise! The practice is a journey of personal growth and transformation, to help you transcend old patterns and open the mind and heart, and when practiced with dedication, will transform your life.

There is no judgement in my Sattva Yoga class. There are no perfect poses, no beginners or experts, and it doesn’t matter what you wear as long as you are comfortable. My classes are welcoming and inclusive and designed for each person to have their own unique experience.

I offer one-to-one yoga practice, group classes or workshops in person or via Skype.Hi

Your purpose here is to evolve, to transform, to experience your radical aliveness, to awaken to your True Nature. You are the Path. The Path is you. The time is NOW.
– Anand Mehrotra –

Himalayan Sattva Yoga techniques


Kriyā yoga is an ancient technique that has been handed down as an oral tradition from Yogic Master to Student. And, Kriyā literally translates into “action that leads to evolution, expansion, and liberation.” Kriyā uses as a practice to come into deeper states of silence and stillness.


Prānā ('life force') 'yāma' (tuning), refers to a state of being in tune with with our natural energy. In yogic tradition, the doorway to prana is through breathing - Sattva prānāyāma techniques focus on conscious breathing to access this prana and shift our energetic state.


A mantra is a powerful tool that increases our focus and deepen the experience of the practice. They can be chanted out loud or silently in your own consciousness and chanting a sanskrit mantra for extended periods can improve memory, neurological health and brain function.


Hatha yoga is just one part of a holistic yoga practice, yet it's what the western world understand as 'yoga'. It refers to the body positions (asanas) that are associated with yoga and the practice is not only designed to engage the physical body but also to create energy and balance.

Free movement

When was the last time you danced freely, without a care in the world? And did you ever dance in a yoga class? Then you have never experienced true yoga! In a Sattva Yoga class with freedom movement you are encouraged to release, let go of inhibitions, and dance from your heart!

Let me create your own personal practice​​

Committing to a daily practice, even if it is just for 10 minutes, prioritises your spiritual evolution, which leads to emotional, mental, and creative growth.

Get in touch if you would like a FREE 30-minute consultation about a personalised Sattva practice or for information about my other offerings.  Contact me via the form or shoot me an email: hello@aradiantlife.co.uk.

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