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Be accountable

As your coach I will hold you accountable , asking you difficult questions and making sure you stay true to yourself and your goals. By holding you accountable each time I promise you will work harder and more effectively to achieve your goals.

Achieve your goals

Do you have a dream that you have been telling yourself about but don't know how to achieve it? By setting goals I will help you overcome procrastination, develop clarity and focus and create a sense of purpose through a series of measurable and achievable milestones.

Control your life

Do you spend time wondering about your purpose, find yourself in patterns of negative thinking, or just regularly feel 'meh' and uninspired? I will help you to uncover what's keeping you stuck and figure out how these barriers can be overcome.

Reduce stress & anxiety

Does work make you stressed? Are you kept awake at night from anxiety? Using ancient yoga techniques and meditation practice I will help you break the cycle of stress, sharing how to deal effectively with stressful situations, bringing you to a place of inner peace.


Are you ready for CHANGE?

Book a free 30-minute consultation with me to find out how you can change your life.

Everyone needs support and guidance at some point in their lives. Whether you're thinking of a career change, want to reduce stress and anxiety, or need some help identifying your future goals, I'm here for you.


Here’s what people say about my coaching.

Clare really understands people. this is where she particularly shines. She has the experience and drive to get the best out of the people who work for her, in a subtle, considerate way. “

” Clare has loads of infectious enthusiasm and her straight talking, solutions-focused approach means she is the calm in any storm. She sees the bigger picture and offers insightful counsel delivered in a pragmatic way. 

” Clare was a great support and someone I now consider a mentor, she taught me a number of skills and attributes I still benefit from. “

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